REDUCED PRECAUTIONS Dear clients we have decided that it is a bit too soon to ditch all our COVID precautions. So RT Hair & Beauty staff will still be wearing masks and sanitising hands and equipment for a while yet. For now we will be asking clients to carry on wearing masks and following COVID guidelines please. This is to protect our young staff and any vulnerable clients that are in the salon when you are. It wont be forever! Thank you for your understanding.

As you know we have taken this pandemic very seriously, have done a full health & safety risk assessment, and have introduced changes for clients and staff. Many of these will remain in place.
The salon now has more styling chairs again but we can use the top salon for those who wish to be more distanced. We have removed the extra COVID cleaning time between clients but styling stations and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected regularly. New PPE will be used as needed.

Please read about your responsibilities below.

How do I know when to cancel my appointment for Corona virus health reasons?


  • It is recommended that you book an appointment but we are now doing walkins again. You can book either by telephoning 01803559588, by emailing a request by facebook or by booking online.
  • It is essential that we have your contact details in case of COVID-19 contact tracing before we can start your appointment.
  • Please arrive at the time agreed to maximise social distancing.
  • Please hang up your own coats on the new client pegs
  • Use hand sanitiser on arrival or wash your hands in the upstairs bathroom or both
  • We will provide a mask for hair services if you don't bring one.
  • Staff working in close contact services should wear a mask or a face shield or goggles.
  • Please remember social distancing at all times when walking through the salon
  • If possible, payment should be contactless (debit card or android or apple pay) or by BACS transfer into the salon account during the visit
  • Please look, but do not touch, products, GHDs or anything else for sale. Our staff will be happy to help you.
  • Wash or sanitise hands after coughing or sneezing and dispose of any tissues.
  • Please arrive with freshly washed hair if booked in for a dry cut or a semi-permanent colour.

  • We have installed plastic screens at the reception desk and between the backwash basins
  • We can now serve cold and hot drinks in disposable cups.
  • You can now read magazines again!

  • You are waiting for the result of a test for Corona virus
  • You have tested positive for Corona virus
  • You have any symptoms of corona virus such as:
  • High temperature
  • New continuous cough
  • Persistent loss or change to your sense of smell
  • OR you live with someone who:

  • is waiting for a Corona virus test result
  • has tested positive to Corona virus
  • has symptoms of corona virus
  • If you have to cancel at short notice for one of the above reasons, there will be no charge and we will make another appointment as soon as it is convenient for you and the salon.
    Please email us with any non urgent queries